"Having just had my second child and so little time to myself, this was the perfect way to escape into the virtual writing hug that was Helen's world."

 Rebbie  Wellwood Green

"I am so glad that I took this programme! Helen gently encouraged me to ring-fence practical chunks of time, virtually held my hand through the journey whist drip feeding expert knowledge, tips and guidance in a way that at no point felt overwhelming. I would recommend this programme if you crave the motivation to get your writing on track in a way that works for you."

Dr Valerie Holmes

"Loved writing with Helen. So relaxing and peaceful." 

Shakira Akabusi 


"I enrolled in this programme in an attempt to take my mind off of Covid - 19 and my anxieties about my children returning to school. The programme helped with this significantly. Helen is a fantastic writer and incredibly personable. She introduced me to the concept of waking before the sunshine, to arouse my inner creativity (before my inner critic entered conscious thought) and encouraged the splurging of uncensored words across paper. I found this technique a fantastic tool for airing my frustrations and carving a greater focus and direction into my writing. Most importantly, with Helen's help I have made time to do something I love."

Natalie Gafford

"I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak with the very knowledgeable and personable Helen this morning. She gave me some great advice based on her own varied and interesting writing career. Thanks Helen! "

AnneMarie McDonnell

"This is like having a fun, wise, and down to earth friend giving you the benefit of her personal experience as both a mother and a writer to help you incorporate writing into your family life. It was inspiring to hear Helen’s very distinct, writerly 'voice' which was relatable, funny, frank and evocative. I thought there was a great balance of specific writing advice and more general holistic life/family/time management advice."

Jo McConville

"Before doing the programme I was a bit worried it would be really heavy going but it was a pleasure to do. I didn't feel intimidated, it was very straight forward but not too easy, the challenges were just right. This course helped to build my confidence and begin to find my voice and writing style. I've learnt some great techniques that are simple but very effective!"

Katie Carr

"This programme is genius! Helen is charismatic, funny and offers a brilliant system for writing around your important role at the heart of a busy family. Highly recommended!"

Josy Spooner Rolls 


"The course opens up lots of possibilities for aspiring writers and how to deal with practical and emotional issues like finding time, getting inspiration, well-being, family and grammar. The exercises are very helpful to get into a writing mindset and using free sheets is particularly helpful as it lets you write without overthinking. It is also amazing how you show that people can get time to write when they structure their day differently and the benefits of writing early in the morning when your mind is not fully awake and how this can help your writing."

Margo Tulkens

"Just to let you know since we zoomed I have written every day at 6am and it has literally changed everything; I love it. I have written about foxes, biscuits, monkeys and my life. Thank you xxx"

Abbie Macfarlane

"This programme really helped me gain confidence to put my ideas into words. Being a busy mother means time comes in small doses. I learnt to use these little bits of time to my advantage and to create space in my life for more writing. I particularly loved learning about the practice of regular “free sheets” writing, to get the creativity flowing. I recommend this course to mothers who wish to be more creative through writing and need help carving out this time for them. It will help get the most out of their busy day and to feel more content. "

Dr Emily Fulleylove

"I loved the Mother of Copy writing course. Helen made me feel like I could do it even though I’m a busy mum and not a writer. Helen opened a door of creativity and showed me how I can write freely and from my heart. She passionately wants you to write and succeed. Because she’s a busy mum like me, I know that she understands the pressures of life. She shares her secrets to success and I feel very blessed to have connected with her through her course. I would highly recommend the Mother of Copy writing course to any mums who wish to write; by the end of the course you will be amazed by all that you have achieved."

Nia Davies

"Helen! This morning was so, so wonderful and inspiring and just what I needed. I wrote a 700+ word first draft  during naptime/quiet time. Just in a note book with my daughter playing on the floor. So much better to be actually writing rather than typing on my laptop -  I’m not sure why I hadn’t realised this would be better but of course it is. Also, the idea of just writing and not editing/rereading was so liberating. It really made me realise how difficult I’ve been making things for myself. Thank-you so much. I can’t believe what a game changer all your tips have been in my confidence on Day 1."

Torie Closs