• helenmcnutt

How does being a mum affect copywriting?

If you’re a small biz owner and can’t see how being a mum affects your ability to write your own copy, this was my yesterday:

Get up at 5.40, spend an hour and a half brainstorming new copywriting course. A friend texts to borrow a coat for her son. My husband goes to check sheep, a lamb is born but sadly soon dies, this means husband is late and I have to get three very unwilling kids up and out to school by myself. Friend texts again, she doesn’t need the coat after all.

Buy two birthday presents for kids’ friends. Call my brother to wish him happy birthday. Register with new vets. Attempt to make hairdressing appointment. Sign up both boys to cricket club. Read WhatsApp class conversation about drama club in the holidays. Complete an online training course. Try and fail many times to upload a video onto Instagram. Collate research from mums who tell me what they need copywriting help with.

Group WhatsApp about child car seats. Text from my mum about the Mother’s Day flowers I sent. Text from my mother in law about a bank scam. Text from friend about my daughter in the nursery Instagram video. Pick up boys from school and daughter from nursery. Remove tick from the cat’s chin.

Husband hosting three-hour online parent’s evening, so have to feed kids and get them to bed by seven in time for a group coaching call for a business incubator. Take call in kitchen, not outside office, as no-one else to look after children. Make it by the skin of my teeth. Just as it becomes my turn to receive coaching on the call, my son and husband burst into the kitchen, desperate for snacks...

And on and on and on. I’m not complaining. I love being a busy working mum. But can you see how it all affects the writing? Not just in terms of time, but headspace, energy and

peace and quiet too. I’ve talked a few times before about my uneasiness with the ‘mum’ label, but there’s no denying that it affects absolutely everything.

I’ll talk a bit more about this in future. In the meantime just know that if you’re a mum, struggling to write your own business copy, it really isn’t your fault. I’ll talk a bit more about this in future too. In the meantime, don’t we have a school run to do or something?!