Imagine writing copy you love, for your own business...

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Copy that reflects who you are as a person, and who you are as a brand.


Copy that  connects with your customer and gets inside their head. 


Copy that says what you want to say, in the way you want to say it.


Copy that infuses all your content with your own, distinctive personality.


Copy that sounds like it comes from you and not some cheesy sales rep.


Copy that doesn’t cost a fortune. In fact, copy that actually helps brings money in…

It’s possible

But unless you know how, writing your own copy can be frustrating, stressful, and overwhelming. 


Or, y'know, just a massive pain in the arse. 


And what if it makes you look stupid? Boring? Salesy? Or like you’re plain old showing off?

And what if you haven’t got time? The juggle of family, home and business means you’ve barely got a moment to think straight, never mind form coherent sentences.


That’s before you even get to things like  spelling, grammar and punctuation.

And then there’s the fact that your brand is your other baby. An extension of you. You’re

not just playing at this. Your business is deeply personal and you don’t want to screw it up.


Isn’t it just easier to hand the money over to a copywriter or marketing agency and hope for the best?

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I’m not knocking copywriters. We’re bloody magnificent! But usually you’ll find the good ones are expensive, starting at hundreds of pounds a day. By the time they’ve researched, written, edited and proofed, you’re looking at  several thousand pounds to write a website, for example.

Just ask Don Draper. 

The good ones also often have limited availability; you’ll have to wait months in some cases to work with them. And even when they do have space, it can be hard to find one that ‘gets’ you, and then harder still to encapsulate how you’d like them to write for you. How do you even do that when you can’t quite articulate it for yourself yet?

If your business needs the money elsewhere right now, or if you’re still not confident about the messaging and tone of voice you want, then wouldn’t it be best to learn how to do it yourself?  

Why not just hire a copywriter?

Why mums make great copywriters...

Being a mum affects absolutely everything you bring to your writing; from the time you have available, to your self-confidence  (This blog piece tells you a bit more). 

But what if there was a way to harness the fact that you’re a mum, and use this power to drive the words you use to market yourself?

I am obsessed with making mums see that far from being ‘the death knell of creativity’ as Cyril Connolly with his celebrated pram in the hallway would have us believe, motherhood is the thing that can turbocharge it.

Mothers, writers and business owners have one big thing in common; they make stuff.

That’s what creativity is.

You are already a powerful creator. You made a business. You made a family. You can ‘make’ any piece of copy that you want.

But of course, first you need someone to show you how...  

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These are some of the people I've written for

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See examples of my copywriting and journalism on my portfolio website 

How I can help you

I am here to help you grow your business. I am committed to showing you how to write copy that excites you, and allows you to express who you are. It breaks my heart when I see business owning mums cringe about the words they have on their website or social media.

I’m going to teach you to write copy that makes you want to shout from the rooftops about the amazing words you’ve written. Words that make you feel proud.


I’ve worked as a freelance copywriter for 17 years, so I've got the technical, marketing know-how that will give your writing impact. I’ve also written for most of the UK’s broadsheets and several magazines, so I’ve got the experience you’ll need to give your copy that editorial edge.

I have three children aged 4, 6 and 9, so I know what it's like to write when you're a mum. I have also, after much painful trial and error, worked out how to happily and effectively combine business, copywriting, and family life. And that’s what I want to share with you.

As well as helping you with the technical skills and strategies you must master to write words that captivate, ultimately what I do is enable you to bring your whole self to your copywriting - motherhood included!

You can read testimonials from the women who have worked with me here.

Ten facts about me

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